Staying Healthy On the Road 

I often hear my colleagues saying, “It’s so hard to stay healthy while travelling”. Sure, staying healthy when you’re not in your home to cook can be tricky but it’s definitely possible. I travel for work regularly and by sticking with my 8 golden rules I manage to stay healthy without too much hassle.  

Rule number one

Pack plenty of snacks as you don’t want to be left without food or be tempted by processed, junk and fast foods. 

TOP SNACKS: avocado (my personal favourite), raw carrots and celery sticks, nut butters, canned sardines, grilled meat, quality cheese, cured meats, roasted veggies, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Even though raw nuts and nut butters are in my TOP snacks list, they must be properly soaked and dehydrated before eating! If these healthy snacks are not prepared properly, they are extremely toxic and can create digestive issues and other long lasting related issues.  By soaking your yummy nuts anywhere between 1 to 2 hours you get rid of mycotoxins and then by dehydrating them for further 8 hours you prevent future growth of fungi & mold.  

Rule number two

When eating out with your family, friends and colleagues stay away from fried food (most restaurants will use rancid vegetable oils) and grain-based dishes such as pasta or pizza. Instead build your meal around vegetables and proteins. Sashimi, grilled meats, bunless burgers, salads and vegetables are all great options. If you opt for a salad, ask for extra-virgin olive oil, a slice of lemon and vinegar on the side. Avoid dressings and sauces at restaurants as often these are made with PUFA oils and sugar. Indian cuisine, is my personal favourite for dining out with friends. Most dishes come with anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric, ginger, coriander seeds, garam masala and chilies. When you are ordering your food, don’t forget to mention that you are allergic to vegetable oils and ask to cook everything in ghee or butter. If you are not sure why you should avoid PUFA oils, read my article on FATS

Rule number three 

To start your morning right, at the hotel’s breakfast opt for an omelette and ask them to cook it in real butter. Eggs are high in protein and good fats so eating them for breakfast will keep you full until lunch. For a good serving of antioxidants and fiber, add some steamed greens.

Rule number four

Bring a small bottle of good quality olive oil to use on salads, or any savoury dish to increase your good fat intake. 

Rule number five

If you are flying, bring a refillable water bottle. Most airports and train stations have water fountains so there is no need to buy water. 

Invest in a cooler bag to keep all your perishable food safe. 

Rule number six 

If your hotel has a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna - use it!

Rule number seven

Once you run out of all your snacks and there are no healthy food options, practice intermittent fasting.

Rule number eight  

Make sure to get at least 7-8hours of beauty sleep every night. Without getting your daily ZZZs your body is not able to recover and function properly and this will have a negative effect on your mood and food choices. 


Ultimately, keeping a healthy routine while on the road becomes easier with every trip.


If you have other tips on how to stay healthy on the road, don’t forget to share in the comment section below.

Also, if you need more snack options for your travel, check out my last week’s article in which I shared my TOP three snack recipes


Happy & Healthy Travels! 


Your Primal Health Coach

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