19- 21 October 2018


LinAn - 3.5 hours (260KM) away from Shanghai

How much?

Early Bird Price: RMB 1380 (until October 10)
Full Price: RMB 1500 (from October 11)
Single room supplement: +350 RMB


Who is this retreat for?

If you’re ready to learn how to take excellent care of your mind and body then this retreat is for you. You will not only learn about nourishing foods, positive psychology tools, but also take part in great workouts, outdoor activities, and most importantly meet other fun, like-minded people to share tons of laughs with. You will leave the retreat feeling inspired, motivated and ready to make the changes needed to live the life you deserve.

What sets us apart from other retreats?

We’re the only health & wellness retreat that offers professional support not just during but also after a visit.

Our 3-day program is designed to inspire, awaken, and change your life. Not only will you de-stress, kickstart your fitness needs, and recharge, but you’ll also learn the necessary tools and skills to integrate our program into your life.

We believe working on the mental and emotional aspect of body challenges is just as important as working on the physical body.

We bring together a community of like-minded people who want to recharge and make positive changes in their lives. 

Plus the settings of our retreat are just gorgeous… fresh mountain air, bamboo forest, waterfalls and so much more!

Just come, trust the program and feel the positive energy!

What’s included in the price?

  • Transportation in a private bus

  • Two nights in a beautiful rustic mountain resort (two people sharing a room or a single room supplement + 350 RMB)

  • Nutritious meals highlighting local and seasonal flavours (all gluten, msg, and sugar-FREE)

  • Human Health 101 workshop (by certified Primal Health Coach)

  • Pilates sessions* (by certified Pilates & Fitness Trainer)

  • Positive Psychology Activities

  • Hike at Tai Hu Yuan scenic area

  • Insurance

  • 21 days of Wechat group support after the retreat

  • and more! 

* Pilates - an effective method of 'mind-body' exercise designed to improve posture, balance, stability, core strength, muscle and joint flexibility whilst also helping to reduce injury.  


What to bring? 

passport, comfortable clothes, sports shoes, yoga mat*, swimsuit, raincoat  

*If you do not have a yoga mat, you can rent or buy one from us.


What does the schedule look like?

3 days, 2 nights

Day 1:

6:45 pm Meet up near The Camel Bar (Yueyang Lu near Dongping Lu)

7:00 pm Depart from Shanghai

10:30 pm Arrive at Lin'an resort

Day 2:

8-9 am Morning Practice of breathing, mindfulness and stretching

9-10 am Healthy breakfast

10-12 am Connect to Nature Hike at the Tai Hu Yuan scenic area - indulge your senses in an abundance of stunning natural scenes, with waterfalls, natural pools, lush vegetation and rolling hills. Allow nature to give your health that incredible boost we all need from time to time.

12:00 Lunch (Mindful Eating)

1-2 pm Positive Psychology Activity

2-3 pm Time to relax, read a book, nap, play, explore the surrounding nature.

3-4:30 pm Human Health 101 - in this 90-minute workshop we will bust food myths, go beyond popular diet trends, and learn what, why and how to eat for optimal health. We will end the workshop with Q&A so that you can apply all this new information to you and your unique challenges to drastically improve your health.

5-6 pm Pilates session (all levels) - focus on core, body alignment and 'problem zones'.

6-7 pm Dinner

8-10 pm Bonfire Ceremony - release all that does not serve you as you watch the fire, dance and connect with mother earth.

Day 3:

8-9 am Morning Practice of balance and stretching

9-10:30 am Healthy breakfast

10:30-12 Mindful hike & forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku)

12-1:30 pm Lunch & closing activity

1:30 pm Depart for Shanghai

We will arrive in Shanghai city centre around 5:30 pm, depending on the traffic.

*Activities are optional; if you don't feel like joining in on one, that's totally OK! Outdoor activities might be affected by the weather.

Who is running the retreat?


Tanya – Certified Pilates and Fitness Trainer, Posture Coach. Founder of MT Studio and TopFit Studio. Throughout a decade of coaching in China and Europe, she has helped hundreds of people to get into their best shape, get rid of chronic pain and adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

IMG_1119 copy.jpg

Izabela (Iza)  - A certified primal health coach, a positive psychologist in the making, and the founder of health & wellness blog She trained in ancestral health and nutrition. As a coach, she helps people eat and live in a way that’s nourishing & uncomplicated.

To sign up email before 11th October to secure an Early Bird Price.  

PS. A BIG THANK YOU to Fields for sponsoring Emma & Tom's Raw Life Bars, which are packed with raw nuts and other superfoods. These bars will provide a perfect pick-me-up during our hikes!

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Yours in health,