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Staying Healthy on the Road Workshop

This 60 minute workshop will help your employees develop a routine for staying healthy while travelling so that they can do their best- with energy and focus. It will change their attitude from "It's so hard to eat healthy while travelling" to "I'll make it work and stay healthy!"

Nutrition 101 workshop for schools and businesses 

Let your students or employees learn the basics of what, why and how to eat for optimal health. This 60 minute workshop, split into 45 minute talk and 15 minute Q&A session, is aimed at deepening understanding of top foods and tips for sustaining energy throughout the day so that anything that needs attention can be done. 

A healthy employee is a happy employee & a healthy student is a better learner.
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Cooking classes

My cooking workshops are fun, relaxed and provide an easy way to learn how to make quick and healthy meals for you, your family and friends.

All my recipes are grains, legumes, vegetable oils, sugar and conventionally raised animals free!

In my kitchen I focus on organically grown produce, free-range meat, wild caught seafood and loads of healthy sources of natural fats. Maximum students per class is 3 as my kitchen is quite small. 

Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire world is your fork.
— Dr. Mark Hyman
DIY beauty products

DIY Beauty Product Workshop

During this two-hour workshop you will learn how to make 5 homemade beauty products using non-toxic 100% natural ingredients. I will also give you tips on how and where to stock up on the ingredients for your beauty pantry. Once you discover how to make your own body scrubs and other cosmetics, you will never again want to buy them form the store. Sadly, most cosmetics we see on shelves contain numerous dangerous and toxic chemicals and  with the skin being the body’s largest organ we are absorbing these chemicals straight into our bloodstream. Making your own beauty products puts you in control on what is and what isn't absorbed by your body's largest organ. After some trial-and-error learning, I managed to develop my top 5 DIY beauty basics, that I would love to share with you. A maximum number of two can participate in one workshop. 

Your skin is your largest organ and deserves extra TLC!