Hi, I'm Iza!


I help people eat and live in a way that’s nourishing & uncomplicated. If you're ready to transform the relationship you have with yourself, your body & your food – then get in touch! 

As a Certified Primal Health Coach and Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (APPCP) Master's student who is all about a holistic approach to health, I hope to provide you with the awareness, support, and accountability you need to reach your health goals. The Primal Health Coaching certification I hold is accredited by AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and is currently pursuing IAHC (International Association of Health Coaches) accreditation as well. Every 2 years I have to take an examination to keep my credentials :-)  


  • set and accomplish goals

  • understand and eliminate overeating, binging, snacking, and emotional eating

  • increase your energy and cognitive function levels

  • learn about whole foods and how to shop for them

  • improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others

  • get to know your intuition better

  • learn to LOVE Yourself and Your body

  • put a stop to self-limiting beliefs

  • build your strengths

  • cultivate both subjective and psychological well-being


How does one-to-one Coaching work?

The first step is for us to have a discovery call, which we can do over the phone, via Skype, WeChat or WhatsApp . This 30 minute, free consultation helps us both decide if we will work well together.

If we decide to go forward, we’ll then agree on how many sessions – typically 4 or 12 sessions of 60 minutes or 90 minutes each.  






Through this is one-on-one 90 days, 12 weeks, 3 months of exciting, game-changing, lifestyle improvement program I'll gently usher you into exploring habits and patterns that will assist you in creating realistic, long-term solutions that will allow you to stay healthy. This 3-month package includes:

  • Pre-Initial Consultation: This is my introduction to you. You will fill out a brief intake questionnaire beforehand to help me understand who you are and where you are on your health journey. Before our first session, I will review, and come prepared to really get to know you and your unique health state.

  • Initial Consultation: (60-90 minutes) After reviewing your questionnaire, making notes, and formulating follow-up questions to truly understand your unique situation, we will meet (either in person/phone/Skype). We will talk about your goals, your needs, your obstacles, your health history, your taste preferences and lifestyle. During this meeting we will explore how to align your needs, wants, and expectations with the Wellness Goals you set for yourself. You will leave this session with a clear action plan you can implement immediately after the session.

  • Four Follow-up Sessions: (40 - 60 minutes) As you progress towards a state of vibrant health and reaching the goals that we created together, we will have follow-up meetings to track your progress, make any necessary changes, and/or have a chat about how great you will be feeling.

  • Support: To offer further support I will be available once a week through email/WeChat/WhatsApp during your time with me.

  • Education: I will provide you with an education surrounding food and your body.

  • Subsequent Booster Sessions: 500RMB (Chinese Yuan Renminbi)


FAMILY support package 

If you would like to get healthier together with your whole family or friends, I also organise group sessions. Contact me for details. 


Not in Shanghai

Not in Shanghai to schedule an in-person appointment? Not a problem, I offer distance coaching on a phone call or through Skype call. It’s like having a personal health coach in the comfort of your own home! Information and resources will be emailed to you during or after each session.


Sort, Shop & COOK

1000 RMB

(Only for those in SHANGHAI)

Spend the day with me, sorting through the cupboards and fridge figuring out what is working for you. Then we head to the supermarket to shop for a couple of meals. This is your opportunity to learn, what labels really mean, what choices work for you and your family, healthy options for existing foods. Finally, we end up back at your place to cook two healthy meals together.

Please allow six hours to  jump-start your new life!




Want to love their body

Want to change eating and lifestyle patterns

Are ready to explore habits and patterns

Want realistic, long-term solutions

Feel drawn to simplicity and ease

Want both subjective and psychological well-being 




Get in touch and let's talk about how we can work together!

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I promise you this:
You will not starve.
You will not be deprived.
You will thrive.

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